BLOS Testing & Monitoring

BLOS# Method

A simple clinical test is being developed for use in diagnosing patients with chronic and acute BLOS.  Currently, Flow Cytometry is the only method to measure the %ROS-positive blood cells, but the estimated cost is greater than $500/sample.  The BLOS# method provides the same information as the Flow Cytometry method at a fraction of the cost (see table below).  Compared to tests available for diagnosing diabetes, the laboratory cost of the BLOS# method is comparable.  The three conventional diagnostic methods evaluate symptoms of diabetes (AIC, plasma glucose, oral glucose), while the BLOS# method evaluates the causative agent (ROS-positive blood cells).  It is anticipated that the BLOS# method will be approved as a Lifestyle choice and then a Disease Diagnostic, which will make it the preferred blood test for evaluating human health.  The BLOS# method may also be part of a new, comprehensive approach for Personalized Medicine.

The BLOS# method uses a simple laboratory protocol that compares ROS production of the sample to a maximally induced subsample.  Raw sample data is processed by a proprietary and patent-pending algorithm that is integrated in software hosted on a cloud server.  The BLOS# value is calculated from the input data and provided to the Medical Laboratory and subsequently to the physician and patient.