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Peter G. Stroot, Ph.D.


Glixin seeks to assist people maximize their quality and length of life.  We offer advice and products that combat oxidative stress.  We commercialize technologies for the health care market. A patent was granted that describes methods and systems for measuring, reducing, and increasing blood oxidative stress.

Dr. Peter Stroot, Managing Member

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Stroot has expanded his knowledge of engineering, biological wastewater treatment, agricultural engineering, renewable energy, microbiology, and molecular biology. The combination of his unique background and a healthy curiosity has generated a plethora of discoveries and research productivity, which is ready for commercial exploitation.

Management and Experience

My research experience includes lab-scale bioreactor operation for activated sludge and anaerobic digestion studies, aerobic and anaerobic culturing methods, design and fabrication of novel apparatus for the investigation of autotrophic bacteria sensitivity to pCO2, BSL2 laboratory management with extensive experience with Acinetobacter, and cultivation and characterization of thermophilic bacteria. I have invented new molecular biology based methods including RiboSyn and CAT-FISH. I have collaborated with faculty researchers with diverse backgrounds in engineering, microbiology, and health.

The central theme of my faculty research was my interest in understanding how microbiological processes are impacted by environmental conditions. Without any molecular methods available for this investigation, I invented a new molecular biology based approach called RiboSyn, which measures the rate of ribosome synthesis of distinct microbial populations. For bacteria cells, the rate of ribosome synthesis is equal to the rate of cell growth. RiboSyn methods were published and patented including an application for rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing (RAST) of pathogenic bacteria in blood samples. The RAST-RiboSyn method offered the potential to identify an effective antimicrobial within a few hours of blood collection.

I prepared the initial proposal for the first Florida Center of Excellence for Biomolecular Identification and Targeted Therapeutics (FCoE-BITT) at the University of South Florida, which was awarded $8M from the State of Florida.

For more information on my past research activities, use the following link to review my CV.


Sunil Saigal


New Jersey Institute of Technology

Phone: (973)-596-5443

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Daniel B. Oerther, Ph.D., PE, BCEE

Mathes Chair of Environmental Engineering

Director of the Environmental Research Center

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Phone: (573) 341-6072

Email: daniel.oerther@mst.edu

Bryan A. White

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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