Does Blood Oxidative Stress Cause Heart Disease?

Does Blood Oxidative Stress Cause Heart Disease?

Heart Disease is a big problem in Western Countries.  In the USA, there are 100 million adults suffering from Heart Disease.  Heart Disease is an asymptomatic disease, which culminates in either stroke or heart attack.  In addition to the painful experience of a heart attack, the average medical cost is $11,500!  The underlying process of Heart Disease is Atherosclerosis.  There are multiple theories on the cause of Atherosclerosis, but Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS) is the only theory that could explain the bulk of it.  BLOS is widespread with more than 2/3 of adult Americans (160+ million) thought to suffer from it. The rise of the Western Diet and the increase of heart disease rates follow similar trends.

What is Blood Oxidative Stress?

BLOS is blood cells that generate high amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  These ROS are the primary molecule responsible for Oxidative Stress.  It is thought that the inorganic sulfur content of the processed foods may be the true dietary cause of BLOS.  If true, then folks with Heart Disease will need a way to monitor both BLOS and Atherosclerosis to evaluate dietary choices and whether other lifestyle choices may be effective.

Could Blood Oxidative Stress Cause Heart Disease By Promoting Atherosclerosis?

Oxidative Stress could be the cause of Atherosclerosis leading to Heart Disease.  Long-term, elevated BLOS could be the key oxidation process of Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL), which drives Atherosclerosis.

BLOS promotes atherosclerosis leading to plaque formation.
BLOS promotes atherosclerosis leading to plaque formation.

Control of BLOS reduces ROS production, which may stop Atherosclerosis and stabilize plaque formation.  The stabilization of plaque may improve blood flow, but plaque removal by a drug or any treatment is not available.  However, there is a nanofiber biotechnology that shows promise.  For maximum effectiveness, the Atherosclerosis process needs to stop.

Low BLOS stabilizes plaque.
Low BLOS stabilizes plaque.

Do I have BLOS?

The BLOS Range is a function of your Diabetic State.  Normal Diabetic State is defined by healthy blood glucose levels and corresponds to a BLOS Range of 0-20%.  With respect to BLOS, a measured BLOS# value of less than 5% is considered Healthy.  So, you may still be suffering from elevated BLOS, if you have a Normal Diabetic State.  Prediabetes afflicts a large number of adult Americans and corresponds to a BLOS Range of 15-40%.  Type 2 Diabetics have a much greater BLOS Range of 30-65%.  Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients have the highest recorded levels of BLOS, which should get your attention!  If you’re making Lifestyle changes including diet and fitness, then you want to measure your Urine Oxidative Stress level.  This is the only way to ensure that your Lifestyle Choices reduce Blood Oxidative Stress.

Urine Oxidative Stress Test Strips

The Urine Oxidative Stress Test Strips provides an excellent tool for monitoring your Blood Oxidative Stress.

Buy Malondialdehyde MDA Urine Test Kit and Support Oxidative Stress Research
Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit measures your Blood Oxidative Stress Level.

BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit

If you think BLOS causes your Heart Disease , then consider purchasing the BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit.  Start by reading my new ebook or paperback that provide a strategy for a Hack of Heart Disease.  Complete your BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit by purchasing Essential and Optional Products described below.

If you want to Hack Heart Disease, then you need to Track It!

Two essential products for tracking whether you lifestyle choices are helping you hack heart disease include the Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit and the CardioCheck Starter Cholesterol Analyzer Kit.

Use the BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit to Improve Your Heart Health and Save Money!

Other great optional products complete your Hack Kit.  The BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit has a total price range of $180-$600, which is cheaper than waiting for the painful Heart Attack and the huge medical bill!  Just follow the link provided and select the products that you need.

Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kit for Peak Heart Health
BLOS Hack Kits include an eBook or Paperback Version of my Strategy Guide, essential products for evaluating BLOS and other important bio-indicators of health, and optional products to improve fitness and diet for Peak Life.

Glixin Store Offers A Variety of BLOS Hack Kits

If BLOS concerns you, then consider the purchase of a BLOS Hack Kit.  Check out the figure below for some ideas on other products to help you with your BLOS Hack.  Start with my Kindle eBook and then purchase any products that you need to complete your own BLOS Hack Kit.

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