Learn How Oxidative Stress Impacts Aging in 2021

Can Managing Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS) Improve Aging?

The Western lifestyle promotes rapid aging.  The environmental insults, hygiene, and diet all promote aging of the human body.  Numerous dietary and healthcare products may slow down or reverse aging.  However, the science is complex.  Oxidative stress is a new concern for aging and human health.  Let’s learn how oxidative stress impacts aging.  In addition, let’s learn how lifestyle choices may be beneficial.

What is Aging?

As humans age, the DNA in our cells degrade and disrupts normal cellular function.  Key questions are whether the DNA aging rate is normal and can we minimize or reverse it.  Scientists propose that humans have four distinct types of aging.  They describe four ageotypes: immune, kidney, liver or metabolic.  Furthermore, your ageotypes appear to be a function of lifestyle choices.

Oxidative Stress and Aging

It is known that Oxidative Stress causes DNA damage.  For Oxidative Stress, the key class of biomolecules is Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  These ROS molecules alter expression profiles (enzyme production) and damage DNA.  In aging, long-term Oxidative Stress shorten telomeres, which is known to reduce biological age.

Is Acetylation the Key to Inflammation?

Oxidative Stress also induces inflammation.  Chronic inflammation may cause aging, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.  Acetylation is the key process that induces inflammation.  In contrast, deacetylation turns off inflammation.  However, long term, elevated Oxidative Stress may keep acetylation turned on.  Therefore, reducing Oxidative Stress may stop chronic inflammation.  In turn, this may improve health problems including rapid aging.

Blood Oxidative Stress and Chronic Inflammation
Four step pathway from Western Diet to Chronic Inflammation.

Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Aging

Environmental insults to skin cause inflammation, which produces local oxidative stress.  However, this process is reversible.  Smoking and alcohol consumption are the most harmful environmental insults. Smoking results in short-term inflammation and oxidative stress.  Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin and also generates short-term oxidative and subsequent inflammation.  Beyond your skin, it’s naive to think that your skin is the only part of your body impacted by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Checklist for Modifying Your Western Lifestyle for Normal Aging

Here’s a checklist of ways to modify your Western lifestyle for normal aging and more.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Vices

If you want a normal rate of aging, then you need to stop smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption immediately.

  • Skin Care

In some cases, your skin may be an additional source of inflammation.  Read my recent post on Skin Care Tips to reduce Inflammaging.

  • BLOS Management

BLOS may also be a major source of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation impacting aging and more.  Two lifestyle choices manage BLOS for normal aging.  First, dietary choices may be the ultimate cause of BLOS.  So, start with a good diet that reduces BLOSSecond, antioxidant supplements, such as Vitamin C and E, may also reduce oxidative stress.  Use a Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit to evaluate your dietary choices and whether they reduce BLOS.  Before you make any changes in these lifestyle choices, use the Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit to measure BLOS level.

Future of Aging Research

The Global Longevity Market has a value of $20+ Trillion.  Several companies develop products that use of biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more.  For biotechnology companies, BLOS Management should be of interest.  Reducing BLOS to a normal rate of aging is a prudent approach before using biotechnologies to reverse the impact of aging.  Elevated BLOS may impact the performance of drugs, as previously noted.

Measurement of Inflammaging Age

Edifice Health has a new test for measuring your Inflammaging Age called iAGE.  This blood test measures your immune system age relative to your calendar age.  One protein, CXCL9, appears to impact your iAGE more than others.  If you dig into the literature, you will find that ROS induces the production of CXCL9.  Could long-term BLOS increase CXCL9 and your iAGE?

Hyperbaric Oxygen

In November 2020, short-term use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers reversed the shortening of telomeres.  Was Michael Jackson on to something?  In May 2021, 8 weeks of lifestyle change reversed 3 years of aging in adult males.  In this study, DNA methylation evaluated aging.  Inflammation impairs this critical molecular process.  Could the lifestyle changes reduce oxidative stress and DNA methylation?  I will update this blog post with new research information in 2021.

Health Hack for Life

If you are a curious about BLOS and want to learn more, then my eBook, “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress” may interest you.  I provide more details on my simple strategy for using three lifestyle choices to reduce your Oxidative Stress and improve your health.  I have a collection of eBooks and Paperback Versions that describe general and custom Health Hacks.  The rest of the items needed for your Hack are available through Amazon or your local stores.  However, there is a simpler way to gather up all of the products for  your Hack: Buy an Oxidative Stress Hack Kit from my Store!

Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits
BLOS Hack Kits include an eBook or Paperback Version of my Strategy Guide, essential products for evaluating BLOS and other important bio-indicators of health, and optional products to improve fitness and diet.

Glixin Provides Useful Information to Help You Fight BLOS

We will continue to provide thought provoking Blog Posts on health related issues caused by BLOS.  Consider subscribing to my blog and sharing posts with your family and friends that may suffer from BLOS.  Also check out the new Glixin YouTube Channel.  I will post new videos related to the Glixin Blog.  Keep BLOS out of your Health Blind Spot by learning how to use make better Lifestyle Choices.

As always, read my disclaimer and consult with your physician before making any changes in your diet or fitness regime.

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