Learn How Oxidative Stress Impacts Chemotherapy

Learn How Oxidative Stress Impacts Chemotherapy

The Western diet increases your oxidative stress and risk of cancers.  Oxidative Stress is a new concern with regards to cancer and chemotherapy.  A recent study suggests an interesting role for elevated Oxidative Stress.  This study (and others) do not take into account the role of Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  Let’s learn how Oxidative Stress impacts chemotherapy.

Western Diet and Blood Oxidative Stress

The Western Diet may cause Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS, which are blood cells generating high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  This ROS impacts all tissue.  ROS damages DNA, which means long-term BLOS may be a major cause of cancers.  A change in diet or the use of antioxidant supplements may reduce the impact of BLOS.  However, if you have cancer, then you should learn more about oxidative stress and the potential of BLOS as a treatment for Chemotherapy patients.  In the United States, 650,000 out-patients receive Chemotherapy.

Metastasis and Oxidative Stress

In Stage IV, tumors will metastasize.  During metastasis, tumor cells are released into the blood stream.  These tumor cells are vulnerable to oxidative stress.  In other words, exposure to oxidative stress can kill tumor cells.  Could BLOS be way to kill tumor cells and protect cancer patients from metastasis?

How Oxidative Stress Impacts Chemotherapy

Cancer patients often change their diet before and during chemotherapy.  Often times, the chemotherapy causes a loss of appetite, which impacts diet.  Together, major dietary changes may impact the microbiome.  The Western diet may be the cause of BLOS.  So, a major change to a healthy (and limited) diet may reduce BLOS.  For a chemotherapy patient, this “healthy” shift may increase the success rate of metastasis due to lower BLOS with deadly consequences.

Could Blood Oxidative Stress Reduce Metastasis?

Managed BLOS for Chemotherapy patients may be possible without the Western diet.  The current hypothesis describing the origin of BLOS holds the key.  In the hypothesis, short-term exposure of blood cells to elevated sulfide levels induces the overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in white blood cells and platelets.  A Chemotherapy patient could be evaluated for BLOS to measure the percent of blood cells that generate high levels of ROS.  Next, an IV with an inducing concentration of sulfide could be administered to the Chemotherapy patient for a defined period to achieve the target level of BLOS.  One hour after the IV treatment, a second measurement of BLOS would confirm the target level.  This approach allows the Chemotherapy patient to eat the healthier diet without consequence.  The elevated BLOS may also reduce the risk of infection, which is another complication of Chemotherapy.

Blood Oxidative Stress Pilot Study

A Research University is conducting the first pilot study that demonstrates the new fluorimeter-based method for measuring BLOS.  During this study, the University will test the effectiveness of sulfide at inducing the ROS response in human blood cells.  If this test is successful, then a new BLOS strategy for reducing metastasis in Chemotherapy patients could be on the horizon.  More testing will be necessary before the FDA approves this strategy.  However, this testing is much easier compared to the evaluation of experimental drugs.  Animal models could demonstrate whether BLOS induced by IV sulfide reduces metastasis rates, but mice may be difficult due to their small blood volume.

Health Hack for Life

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As always, read my disclaimer and always consult with your physician before making any changes in your diet or fitness regime.

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