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Learn How Oxidative Stress Impacts Skin Care in 2021

The Western lifestyle is bad for your skin.  The environmental, hygiene, and diet may all impact the health of your skin.  Numerous skin care products may provide protection or health benefit, but the science is complicated.  Oxidative stress is a new concern with regards to skin cancer and more.  Let’s learn how to modify your Western lifestyle to reduce oxidative stress for healthier skin.  Let’s learn more about how oxidative stress impacts skin care in 2021.

Skin Problems in the USA

Adult Americans suffer from many different skin problems including skin cancer, dermatitis, eczema, acne, and more.  Oxidative stress is the cause of skin cancer from overexposure to sunlight.  Ultraviolet light generates oxidative stress in the exposed skin, which causes DNA damage.  The accumulation of DNA damage eventually causes skin cancer.  However, low levels of sunlight generates Vitamin D as a health benefit.  Non-cancerous skin problems are caused by or linked to oxidative stress and inflammation.

Skin Microbiome is Sensitive to Oxidative Stress

Elevated Oxidative Stress shifts the microbial ecology of your skin by selecting for bacteria that flourish under these conditions.  Cutibacterium acnes is a major skin bacteria that flourishes under elevated oxidative stress causing skin problems like acne (surprise!).  Reducing oxidative stress in the skin may reduce the levels of this bacteria and acne.

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation of the Skin

Environmental insults to skin can cause inflammation, which produces local oxidative stress.  This process is reversible with excessive oxidative stress  inducing inflammation.  Smoking and alcohol consumption are the most harmful environmental insults to your skin.  Smoking results in short-term inflammation and oxidative stress.  Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin and also generates short-term oxidative and subsequent inflammation.

Hard Water Bathing and Inflammation

Many Americans still suffer from the impact of hard water bathing.  Many municipalities produce safe drinking water from a ground water source.  However, ground water is hard compared to surface water (ex. River or Lake).  Hard water causes problems for cleaning with scale building up on on surfaces.  These calcium and magnesium compounds irritate the skin causing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Western Diet and Blood Oxidative Stress

The Western Diet may cause Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS, which are blood cells generating high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  This ROS generated by the blood impacts skin health.  BLOS may cause inflammation in the skin and elsewhere in the body.  A change in diet or the use of antioxidant supplements may reduce the impact of BLOS on the skin.

Recent Advances in Skin Care Products

New skin care products counter oxidative stress and inflammation.  Vitamin C enriched skin care products deliver this potent antioxidant to the skin.  A probiotic skin care product uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria to generate nitric oxide from ammonia in your sweat.  The nitric oxide generate from this probiotic may increase levels of nitric oxide in the blood for health benefit.

Oxidative Stress Impacts Skin Care and Inflammaging

More recently, a skin care product with an anti-inflammatory compound showed promise in lowering inflammation biomarkers and reversing “inflammaging.”  Inflammaging is thought to be the cause of multiple health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  It wouldn’t surprise me if BLOS is the true underlying cause of inflammaging.  Remember, Oxidative Stress can cause inflammation and BLOS is a major source of oxidative stress in the body including the skin.  Keep an eye out for new skin care products touting this benefit.  If you’re worried about inflammaging, then you could try this Inflammation Test.

Western Lifestyle Impact on Skin Health
Oxidative Stress Impacts Skin Care. Inflammation in the Skin causes Oxidative Stress and vice versa. Skin and bacteria are sensitive to external and internal sources of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Checklist for Modifying Your Western Lifestyle for Healthier Skin

Oxidative stress impacts skin care, so here’s a checklist of ways to modify your Western lifestyle for healthier skin and more.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Vices

If you want healthier skin, then you need to stop smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption immediately.

  • Some Sunlight

Most folks know that excessive sunning is bad for your skin and increases your risk for skin cancer.  However, you still need to get out in the sun, so your skin can generate Vitamin D.  Limit your exposure to the sun for healthier skin and lower risk of skin cancer.

  • Soft Water Bathing

Whole house water softening system is expensive.  However, it would also improve the performance of you dishwasher and washing machine.  For improved skin health, consider a small investment in a shower head technology that softens water.  For about $30, this shower head should provide soft water for 6 months.  You’ll reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in your skin.  Soft water is also great for your hair.  As a bonus, you may reduce the cost for chemical cleaners used to remove hard water scale from your shower.

  • Bedroom Humidifier

During winter months, your furnace system may reduce the humidity in your bedroom.  Since you spend several hours in your bedroom, then you should consider the use of a small humidifier.  This approach doesn’t break the bank and keeps the moisture level comfortable and healthy for your skin.  Alternatively, you may want to hire a professional to check the performance of your furnace’s humidifier system.

  • BLOS Management

BLOS may also be a major source of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation impacting the health of your skin and more.  Two lifestyle choices manage BLOS for improved skin health.  First, dietary choices may be the ultimate cause of BLOS, so start with a good diet that reduces BLOS.  Second, as antioxidant supplements, such as Vitamin C and E, may also reduce oxidative stress.  Use a Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit to evaluate your dietary choices and whether they reduce BLOS.  Before you make any changes in these lifestyle choices, use the Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit to measure BLOS level.

  • Skin Care Products That Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

There are many great skin care products that use antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, to promote skin health.  These products will be more effective, if you eliminate the sources of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Health Hack for Life

If you are a curious about BLOS and want to learn more, then my eBook, “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress” may interest you.  In my eBook, I provide more details on my simple strategy for using three lifestyle choices to reduce your Oxidative Stress and improve your health.  I have a collection of eBooks and Paperback Versions that describe general and custom Health Hacks.  The rest of the items needed for your Hack are available through Amazon or your local stores.  However, there is a simpler way to gather up all of the products for  your Hack: Buy an Oxidative Stress Hack Kit from the Glixin Store!

Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits

Glixin Provides Useful Information to Help You Fight BLOS

We will continue to provide thought provoking Blog Posts on health related issues caused by BLOS.  Consider subscribing to my blog and sharing posts with your family and friends that may suffer from BLOS.  Keep BLOS out of your Health Blind Spot by learning how to use make better Lifestyle Choices.


As always, read my disclaimer and always consult with your physician before making any changes in your diet or fitness regime.

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By Peter Stroot

Dr. Peter Stroot is an Engineer, Microbiologist, and Molecular Biologist, who has published research articles and holds patents for multiple biotechnologies. He is the Managing Member of Glixin, the World's Leader in Managing Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.

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