How to Improve the Best Diets to Lower Oxidative Stress

How to Improve the Best Diets to Lower Oxidative Stress

Is there a way to improve the best diets to lower Oxidative Stress?  There is scientific evidence that a change in diet could help you lose weight and lower Oxidative Stress. Do we need to invest in our own personal medical research laboratory in order to evaluate the impact of our dietary choices on Oxidative Stress?  There is a simple, inexpensive way to evaluate any diet.  First, let’s look at a list of the top 7 diets in the marketplace and then I will show you a way to improve them.

Out of the thousands of diet books on the market, I identified the Top 7 diet and recipe books to lower Oxidative Stress for improved health.  These diets include foods with two common features: low levels of inorganic sulfur and plenty of antioxidants.  The reduction of inorganic sulfur lowers the level of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in your gut, which may cause your blood cells to generate high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), the primary source of Oxidative Stress.  Foods rich in antioxidants help combat Oxidative Stress throughout your body.

The 8 Best Diets to Lower Oxidative Stress

Consider these popular diets to lower Oxidative Stress and improve your health.  I’ve provided Amazon links to the most current or best selling items for each Diet, so you don’t have to peruse the thousands of diet books offered by Amazon.

Low BLOS Life

The only diet in the group that focuses on lowering the consumption of inorganic sulfur.  Check the ingredient label for sulfur compounds used as preservatives.  Sorry, no BLOS Watchers(TM) eBook to offer you…yet!


The only diet in the list that encourages greater amounts of meat and cheese in the diet.  The reduction in processed foods will reduce the inorganic sulfur consumed.  Find more information about Atkins Diet products here.

The Zone

This diet focuses on a modest decrease in the amount of meats, cheese, and produce, which is unique.  Find out more information on The Zone diet plan by visiting their website.

Vegetarian or Vegan

This diet allows eggs and dairy, but disallows all meat products.  The large reduction in meat protein will reduce the amount of organic sulfur consumed for reduced growth of the sulfate reducing bacteria in the gut, which may reduce BLOS.  The consumption of more vegetables and fruits offset the loss of meats and may provide a rich source of antioxidants.

Weight Watchers

One of the more popular diets complete with local meetings and food subscription plan. Many grocery stores offer Weight Watchers food items.  Of the 8 diets, this diet is the only one that has fitness as a componentGlixin Blog recommends the Weight Watchers Diet, because it encourages fitness activity.

South Beach

This commercial diet plan is still popular with many food items available at your local grocery store.


This diet focuses on the food items found in countries in the region of the Mediterranean Sea.  This diet has been in the news regarding research claims, but it still looks promising.

Plant Paradox

This diet is new and detailed with lots of information regarding the role of plant components and inflammation.  This new diet is very restrictive compared to the other diet plans.  Here’s a print-friendly list of approved foods.

The figure below provides a comparison of these 8 diets.  All of these diets reduce the consumption of processed carbohydrates, so they also reduce the intake of inorganic sulfur.

Comparison of the Best Diets to Lower Oxidative Stress.
Comparison of the Best Diets to Lower Oxidative Stress.

How to Improve These Great Diets?

All of these Diets help you lose weight, but how well do they work for helping you lower Oxidative Stress?  Your bathroom scale will not help you!  Instead, you need a way to measure your Oxidative Stress like this MDA Urine Test kit. The kit is easy to use.  Watch my video to learn more.

MDA Urine Test Kit Evaluates Your Diet
The MDA Urine Test Kit can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your diet to reduce oxidative stress

Read my eBook!

You can also use my new eBook to help you understand how your lifestyle choices, such as your new diet, may help you lower Oxidative Stress for improved health.  I’ve already bundled my new eBook and MDA Urine Test kit in the BLOS Hack Kit LITE, which includes 25 tests.  Other Hack Kits include fitness equipment and antioxidant supplements, which can be found at the Glixin Store.

All revenue generated through the purchase of these products using the Amazon links on this website supports Blood Oxidative Stress Research. 


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