Top 3 Antioxidant Supplements to Lower Oxidative Stress

A review of the current medical research suggests that three Antioxidant Supplements may reduce Oxidative Stress for improved health.

Oxidative Stress

The two reported sources of Oxidative Stress are General and Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  General Oxidative Stress is the more familiar due to its earlier discovery.  However, BLOS is probably the primary cause of Oxidative Stress.  General Oxidative Stress results from short periods of elevated metabolism rates within cells that generates reactive oxygen species (ROS).  In contrast, BLOS is a large fraction of your blood cells induced to generate high levels of ROS.  Long term, elevated BLOS is the probable cause of multiple health problems.  More than 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from BLOS.  Both sources of Oxidative Stress result in high levels of ROS that diffuse throughout the body causing damage and health problems.  Although your body does produce low levels of antioxidant, excessive ROS may require an antioxidant supplement to manage Oxidative Stress.

Have you had enough of BLOS

Goal of Antioxidant Supplements

There are two ways to reduce the harmful effects of BLOS.  You need to either reduce the amount of food that promotes BLOS or consume foods and supplements rich in antioxidants.  Since BLOS is continuous, a time-release supplement with an effective antioxidant would be ideal.

Diet and Supplements could reduce Oxidative Stress

3 Great Antioxidant Supplements

Based on the current medical research literature, I’ve provided a list of the three best antioxidant supplements for reducing Oxidative Stress.  I’ve included links in my BLOS World Store to purchase these items through Amazon.

Vitamin E

The most recent research that evaluated a broad spectrum of antioxidants concluded that Vitamin E was the most effective in reducing oxidative stress.  Although a time-released supplement of Vitamin E does not exist (yet), adding this supplement provided by Puritan’s Pride may help you in your fight against Oxidative Stress.   Here’s a high quality supplement loaded with Vitamin E.

Time-released Antioxidant

As I mentioned previously, a time-released supplement with one or more antioxidants may be the key to reducing the effects of BLOS.  I found a pair of time-released supplements offered by Puritan’s Pride loaded with different antioxidants including Vitamin E.  A combination of this time-released supplement and additional Vitamin E may be good strategy for reducing Oxidative Stress.  Here’s the link for men and another link for women.


Another new research study suggests that MitoQ, a modified Coenzyme Q molecule enabling it to “stick” to the mitochondria for eventual transfer inside the mitochondria for antioxidant activity.  In this study, MitoQ was the best antioxidant supplement for reducing oxidative stress.  They observed improvement in blood flow for lower hypertension.  While Vitamin E will be effective in neutralizing ROS in the blood, the addition of MitoQ could also be beneficial in neutralizing any ROS generated within the mitochondria and any ROS diffusing from the blood into adjacent cells.  Here’s a link for a high quality MitoQ product.  Supplements with effective antioxidants may be the key to reducing the effects of elevated BLOS.

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Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits
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We’ll keep providing useful information about food to help you with your fight against Oxidative Stress.  BLOS is thought to cause multiple human health problems including: Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and a greater risk for Cancer.  Therefore, you need to learn more about Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS by going to Glixin.

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By Peter Stroot

Dr. Peter Stroot is an Engineer, Microbiologist, and Molecular Biologist, who has published research articles and holds patents for multiple biotechnologies. He is the Managing Member of Glixin, the World's Leader in Managing Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.

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[…] Three of the top antioxidant supplements for reducing BLOS includes Vitamin E.  Hemp Oil supplements are rich in both Vitamin E and A, which are effective antioxidants.  So, hemp oil supplements should also be effective against BLOS.  Beyond antioxidant content, the format of the supplement matters.  Soft gel or capsule format is cost-effective for the vendor, but it limits effectiveness.  Microencapsulation may be the only way to provide sustained release of antioxidants for reducing BLOS.  HempOmega developed a microencapsulated hemp oil product for supplements and foods.  However, Amazon does not offer any of the HempOmega products.  I will update this blog post, if their products become available. […]

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