Collection of Books and eBooks to Manage Oxidative Stress

eBooks and Paperbacks for Hacking Health by Reducing Blood Oxidative Stress

More than 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from elevated Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS), which costs about $1 Trillion in medical costs every year.  The primary cause of BLOS is the Western Diet, so proper dietary choices may reduce BLOS for improved health.  In addition, effective fitness and antioxidant supplements may also help manage BLOS.  How does someone organize a new health hack that uses these three lifestyle choices for reducing BLOS?  Are there custom health hacks for specific health problems?

New Books and eBooks Manage Oxidative Stress and Outline New Health Hack Strategy

My four eBooks , “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress”, “Let’s Hack Male Infertility”, “Let’s Hack Diabetes”, and “Let’s Hack Heart Disease” may be the key to helping you reduce your BLOS level for improved health.  The focused Health Hacks include the use of additional testing technologies to evaluate whether reduced BLOS is effective.  If you can Track It, then You can Hack It!  Just follow the links and you will be able to purchase any eBook.

Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress

The first book in this collection, “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress”, provides a general strategy for reducing BLOS for improved health.  You can purchase the Kindle eBook version or the Paperback version with the Amazon links provided.  I’ve also provided a BLOS LITE Hack Kit, which provides Amazon links to essential and optional products needed for your custom Health Hack.

New eBook Let's Hack Oxidative Stress
Dr. Peter Stroot’s new guide for organizing your Hack of Oxidative Stress. Use three Lifestyle Choices to Hack Oxidative Stress and evaluate your progress with a simple Urine Test Kit.

Let’s Hack Male Infertility

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF ) is expensive at $15,000 per cycle.  Many women need multiple cycles for IVF success!  About 60% of infertility problems are due to men with poor health.  Elevated Blood Oxidative Stress could cause problems with both low sperm count and sperm health.  So, read my new eBook or Paperback version and consider investing in a BLOS IVF Hack Kit to reduce costs ($500 max!) and improve your own health!

Use this customized Hack of Oxidative Stress to improve your health and sperm.

Let’s Hack Diabetes

An estimated 100 million adult Americans have Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.  The average annual medical cost of treating Diabetes is $9,600!  Maybe there’s a better way to deal with Diabetes.  So, read my new eBook or Paperback version and use the strategy and the BLOS Diabetes Hack Kit to Hack Diabetes!

Use this customized Hack for your Diabetes or Prediabetes.

Let’s Hack Heart Disease

Millions of adult Americans have Heart Disease from years of atherosclerosis.  The average medical cost for a heart attack is $10,500!  Maybe there’s a better way to deal with Heart Disease.  So, read my new eBook or Paperback version and use the strategy and the BLOS Heart Disease Hack Kit to Hack Heart Disease!

eBook to Hack Heart Disease
Use this customized Hack strategy to improve your Heart Health!

Let’s Hack Mental Illness

Millions of adult Americans have any Mental Illness including Depression, Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Oxidative Stress is one possible cause of Mental Illnesses.  Psychiatric support is expensive with the average initial consultation fee of $1,000 and hourly rates of $100.  Who can afford a Psychiatrist?  So, read my new eBook or Paperback version and use the strategy and the BLOS Mental Illness Hack Kit to Hack Mental Illness!

eBook to Hack Mental Illness
Use this customized Hack Strategy to Improve your Mental Health!

BLOS World Store Offers A Variety of BLOS Hack Kits

After you purchase one of the eBooks to manage Oxidative Stress, then consider the purchase of a BLOS Hack Kit.  Check out the figure below for some ideas on other products to help you with your BLOS Hack.  Start with my Kindle eBook or Paperback version and then purchase any products that you need to complete your own BLOS Hack Kit.

Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits
BLOS Hack Kits include an eBook or Paperback Version of my Strategy Guide, essential products for evaluating BLOS and other important bio-indicators of health.  Optional products may improve fitness and diet.

Finally, all revenue generated through the purchase of these products using the Amazon links on this website supports Blood Oxidative Stress Research. 


Click on the image below to download our Free Report on the Best Vitamin C Supplement for fighting Oxidative Stress.

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