Glixin: Leading the Way in Tackling Oxidative Stress

Long-Term Elevated Oxidative Stress may be the Underlying Cause of Chronic Health Problems

At Glixin, we provide products and advice to help people increase their quality and length of life.  We are focused on Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS, which may be the primary cause of multiple health problems including obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, and more.  In the USA, BLOS is responsible for an estimated $800B/year in health care costs.  Proper management of BLOS may be the key to improving quality of life and increasing the length.  Learn more about BLOS by reviewing news articles and commentary in our Glixin Digest or check out the Glixin Blog.  Check out the Glixin YouTube Channel for informative videos.

Glixin Shop Coming Soon!

Glixin is committed to developing Products to manage BLOS and improve human health.  A variety of supplements will be available in the Spring 2020.  We will continue to develop new products for peak life!

BLOS# Test In Development

A new blood test, BLOS#, will measure the level of BLOS, which could be used to evaluate dietary changes. A Research University is conducting a new Pilot Study to demonstrate the BLOS# test.